Direct Download Scorpion Tv Series

Direct Download Scorpion Tv Series

Scorpion (TV series)


Scorpion (stylized as </SCORPION>) is an American action drama television series loosely based on the life of computer expert[2] Walter O’Brien. In the series, O’Brien and his friends help each other to solve complex global problems and save lives. The series premiered on September 22, 2014 and airs in the United States on CBS.[3][4] On October 27, 2014, CBS placed a full season episode order for the first season.[5] On March 25, 2016, CBS renewed Scorpion for a third season, which premiered on October 3, 2016.


Index of /Series/Scorpion/s1/

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Scorpion S01 E01 (Bia2Movies).mkv194M2015-Jun-24 16:07
Scorpion S01 E02 (Bia2Movies).mkv182M2015-Jun-24 16:07
Scorpion S01 E03 (Bia2Movies).mkv212M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E04 (Bia2Movies).mkv198M2015-Jun-24 16:07
Scorpion S01 E05 (Bia2Movies).mkv196M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E06 (Bia2Movies).mkv171M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E07 (Bia2Movies).mkv195M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E08 (Bia2Movies).mkv175M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E09 (Bia2Movies).mkv177M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E10 (Bia2Movies).mkv186M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E11 (Bia2Movies).mkv176M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E12 (Bia2Movies).mkv225M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E13 (Bia2Movies).mkv182M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E14 (Bia2Movies).mkv168M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E15 (Bia2Movies).mkv197M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E16 (Bia2Movies).mkv170M2015-Jun-24 16:08
Scorpion S01 E17 (Bia2Movies).mkv195M2015-Jun-24 16:09
Scorpion S01 E18 (Bia2Movies).mkv185M2015-Jun-24 16:09
Scorpion S01 E19 (Bia2Movies).mkv215M2015-Jun-24 16:09
Scorpion S01 E20 (Bia2Movies).mkv199M2015-Jun-24 16:09
Scorpion S01 E21 (Bia2Movies).mkv193M2015-Jun-24 16:09
Scorpion S01 E22 (Bia2Movies).mkv206M2015-Jun-24 16:09


Index of /Series/Scorpion/s2/

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Scorpion S02 E01 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E02 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E03 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E04 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E05 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E06 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv206M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E07 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E08 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E09 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E10 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Nov-24 10:14
Scorpion S02 E11 (Bia2Movies).mkv200M2015-Dec-08 11:21
Scorpion S02 E12 480p (Bia2Movies).mkv151M2015-Dec-15 12:37
Scorpion S02 E13 (Bia2Movies).mkv200M2016-Jan-05 10:41
Scorpion S02 E14 (Bia2Movies).mkv152M2016-Jan-19 09:56
Scorpion S02 E15 (Bia2Movies).mkv197M2016-Jan-28 18:33
Scorpion S02 E16 (Bia2Movies).mkv137M2016-Feb-09 10:26
Scorpion S02E17 (Bia2Movies).mkv138M2016-Mar-02 15:11
Scorpion S02E18 (Bia2Movies).mkv220M2016-Mar-02 15:11
Scorpion S02E19 (Bia2Movies).mkv193M2016-Mar-15 08:57
Scorpion S02E20 (Bia2Movies).mkv216M2016-Mar-29 11:15
Scorpion S02E21 (Bia2Movies).mkv215M2016-Mar-29 11:15
Scorpion S02E22 (Bia2Movies).mkv232M2016-Apr-12 10:52
Scorpion S02E23 (Bia2Movies).mkv205M2016-Apr-19 13:13
Scorpion S02E24 (Bia2Movies).mkv220M2016-Apr-26 07:51


Index of /Series/Scorpion/s3/

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Scorpion S03E01E02 (Bia2Movies).mkv393M2016-Oct-04 13:13
Scorpion S03E01E02 720p (Bia2Movies).mkv619M2016-Oct-04 13:13
Scorpion S03E01E02 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv400M2016-Oct-04 13:13
Scorpion S03E03 (Bia2Movies).mkv172M2016-Oct-11 13:47
Scorpion S03E03 720p (Bia2Movies).mkv305M2016-Oct-11 13:47
Scorpion S03E03 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv201M2016-Oct-11 13:47
Scorpion S03E04 (Bia2Movies).mkv181M2016-Oct-18 14:00
Scorpion S03E04 720p (Bia2Movies).mkv319M2016-Oct-18 14:00
Scorpion S03E04 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv216M2016-Oct-18 14:00
Scorpion S03E05 (Bia2Movies).mkv172M2016-Oct-25 13:34
Scorpion S03E05 720p (Bia2Movies).mkv328M2016-Oct-25 13:34
Scorpion S03E05 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv177M2016-Nov-01 11:43
Scorpion S03E06 (Bia2Movies).mkv202M2016-Nov-01 11:43
Scorpion S03E06 720p (Bia2Movies).mkv323M2016-Nov-01 11:43
Scorpion S03E06 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv200M2016-Nov-01 11:43
Scorpion S03E07 (Bia2Movies).mkv218M2016-Nov-15 12:57
Scorpion S03E07 720p (Bia2Movies).mkv334M2016-Nov-15 12:57
Scorpion S03E07 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv226M2016-Nov-15 12:57
Scorpion S03E08 (Bia2Movies).mkv285M2016-Nov-15 12:57
Scorpion S03E08 720p (Bia2Movies).mkv331M2016-Nov-15 12:57
Scorpion S03E08 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv312M2016-Nov-15 12:57
Scorpion S03E09 (Bia2Movies).mkv205M2016-Nov-22 12:58