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Direct Download Nashville Tv Series

Direct Download Nashville Tv Series

A fading country music star comes into conflict with a rising young star.

Set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene, the new drama revolves around a 40-year-old superstar Rayna Jaymes, whose star begins fading. She is forced to team up with Juliette Barnes on tour in order to maintain her label’s support for her latest record, whose sales have been underwhelming.

For downloading the last episode of Nashville please click on the link below and for download the rest of the episode please scroll down to find rest season and episodes.


Index of /TV.Show/N/Nashville/S01/

File Name  ↓  File Size  ↓  Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/
Nashville.S01E01[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:40
Nashville.S01E02[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:41
Nashville.S01E03[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:41
Nashville.S01E04[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 0 27-Sep-2015 18:41
Nashville.S01E05[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:41
Nashville.S01E06[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:42
Nashville.S01E07[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:42
Nashville.S01E08[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 191M 27-Sep-2015 18:42
Nashville.S01E09[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 173M 27-Sep-2015 18:43
Nashville.S01E10[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 170M 27-Sep-2015 18:43
Nashville.S01E11[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:43
Nashville.S01E12[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:44
Nashville.S01E13[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:44
Nashville.S01E14[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:44
Nashville.S01E15[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:45
Nashville.S01E16[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:45
Nashville.S01E17[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 190M 27-Sep-2015 18:45
Nashville.S01E18[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:46
Nashville.S01E19[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:46
Nashville.S01E20[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 162M 27-Sep-2015 18:46
Nashville.S01E21[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:47


Index of /TV.Show/N/Nashville/S02/

File Name  ↓  File Size  ↓  Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/
Nashville S02 special.on.the.record 480p [Night..> 186M 27-Sep-2015 18:47
Nashville S02E01 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:47
Nashville S02E02 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mp4 253M 27-Sep-2015 18:48
Nashville S02E03 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:48
Nashville S02E04 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:49
Nashville S02E05 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mp4 244M 27-Sep-2015 18:49
Nashville S02E06 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:49
Nashville S02E09 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:50
Nashville S02E10 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 197M 27-Sep-2015 18:50
Nashville S02E11 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 162M 27-Sep-2015 18:50
Nashville S02E13 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:51
Nashville S02E14 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 166M 27-Sep-2015 18:51
Nashville S02E15 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mp4 237M 27-Sep-2015 18:52
Nashville S02E16 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:52
Nashville S02E17 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:52
Nashville S02E18 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:52
Nashville S02E19 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 167M 27-Sep-2015 18:53
Nashville S02E20 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 168M 27-Sep-2015 18:53
Nashville S02E21 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:53
Nashville S02E22 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 27-Sep-2015 18:54
Nashville.2012.S02E07[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 166M 27-Sep-2015 18:55
Nashville.2012.S02E08[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 165M 27-Sep-2015 18:55
nashville.2012.212[Nightsdl.Com].mp4 238M 27-Sep-2015 18:55


Index of /TV.Show/N/Nashville/S03/

File Name  ↓  File Size  ↓  Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/
Nashville S03E01 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 189M 27-Sep-2015 18:56
Nashville S03E02 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 190M 27-Sep-2015 18:56
Nashville S03E03 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 205M 27-Sep-2015 18:57
Nashville S03E04 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 190M 27-Sep-2015 18:57
Nashville S03E05 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 202M 27-Sep-2015 18:57
Nashville S03E06 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 194M 27-Sep-2015 18:58
Nashville S03E07 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 179M 27-Sep-2015 18:58
Nashville S03E08 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 217M 27-Sep-2015 18:59
Nashville S03E09 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 229M 27-Sep-2015 18:59
Nashville S03E10 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 200M 27-Sep-2015 18:59
Nashville S03E11 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 175M 27-Sep-2015 19:00
Nashville S03E12 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 175M 27-Sep-2015 19:00
Nashville S03E13 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 176M 27-Sep-2015 19:00
Nashville S03E14 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 173M 27-Sep-2015 19:01
Nashville S03E15 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 186M 27-Sep-2015 19:01
Nashville S03E16 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 172M 27-Sep-2015 19:01
Nashville S03E17 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 172M 27-Sep-2015 19:02
Nashville S03E18 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 197M 27-Sep-2015 19:02
Nashville S03E19 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 178M 27-Sep-2015 19:02
Nashville S03E20 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 184M 27-Sep-2015 19:02
Nashville S03E21 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 176M 27-Sep-2015 19:02
Nashville S03E22 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 178M 27-Sep-2015 19:03


Index of /TV.Show/N/Nashville/S04/

File Name  ↓  File Size  ↓  Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/
Nashville S04E01 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 222M 27-Sep-2015 19:03
Nashville S04E02 480p [Nightsdl.Com].mkv 209M 01-Oct-2015 11:25
Nashville S04E04 480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 209M 15-Oct-2015 06:58
Nashville S04E05 480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 216M 22-Oct-2015 06:45
Nashville S04E07 480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 177M 19-Nov-2015 08:54
Nashville S04E08 480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 175M 19-Nov-2015 08:54
Nashville S04E09 480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 171M 03-Dec-2015 08:15
Nashville S04E10 480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 192M 10-Dec-2015 09:13
Nashville S04E14 480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 185M 14-Apr-2016 08:06
Nashville S04E15 480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 151M 14-Apr-2016 08:06
Nashville S04E17 480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 180M 28-Apr-2016 10:58
Nashville.S04E03.480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 213M 08-Oct-2015 06:57
Nashville.S04E06.480p-[Nightsdl.Com].mkv 151M 29-Oct-2015 08:52
Nashville.S04E11.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 197M 17-Mar-2016 12:00
Nashville.S04E12.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 178M 24-Mar-2016 09:52
Nashville.S04E13.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 196M 31-Mar-2016 08:58
Nashville.S04E14.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 185M 07-Apr-2016 08:27
Nashville.S04E16.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 199M 21-Apr-2016 11:44
Nashville.S04E18.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 151M 12-May-2016 10:21
Nashville.S04E19.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 151M 12-May-2016 10:21
Nashville.S04E20.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 151M 19-May-2016 10:25
Nashville.S04E21.480p-[Nightsdl.com].mkv 179M 27-May-2016 09:35


Index of /Series/Nashville/s5/

File Name  ↓  File Size  ↓  Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/
Nashville S05E01 (Bia2Movies).mkv 146M 2016-Dec-16 13:25
Nashville S05E01 720p (Bia2Movies).mp4 335M 2016-Dec-16 13:25
Nashville S05E01 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv 182M 2016-Dec-16 13:25
Nashville S05E02 (Bia2Movies).mkv 164M 2017-Jan-06 13:40
Nashville S05E02 720p (Bia2Movies).mp4 335M 2017-Jan-06 13:40
Nashville S05E02 720p x265 (Bia2Movies).mkv 181M 2017-Jan-06 13:40